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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  June 17, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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>> abc7 news starts right now with live, breaking news. >> i do believe this was a te crime. >> a masacre in a south carolina church. nine people shot dead others wounded. >> and right now the gunman is still on the loose. >> good evening. i'm n ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. the shooting is described as a hate crime. it happened at emmanuel methodist episcopal church in south carolina. >> the shooter is described as a white man with a gray shirt anjeans and went inside and opened fire. nine people are dead. an active search for the gunman is on going. a news conference with the yor, a church elder and the police chief wrapped up this is a tragedy that nobody shouldhave to experience. it is senseless and
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unfathomable that somebody would walk into a church where people have a prayer meeting and take their lives. >> we want the community to pray for safety for our people. we hope that this person who has committed this heinous crime that is a hate crime be brought toustice. >> the church is the olst black congress graw dwaition in the south -- congregation in the south. they say the reverend who is a state senator is ang the nine killed. >> due to the tragic event in charleston, the republican presidential candidate jeb bush canceled his campaign event there tomorrow. depend on abc news to bring you more information on the mass shooting and during this newscast. reporting continues on twitter on abc7 news bay area. an now to the latest developments in the dely balcony collapse in berkeley. let's look at some video of crews removing the balcony right below the one that collapsed early tuesday morning. >> tonight hundreds gathered mourn the people who died
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in the collapse. cornell bernd is live in berkeley with the story. cornell? >> ama people are paying respects in manyays tonight. you can see the folks are gathered at the corner of the building where a memorial is growing. earlier tonight a sole silent candlelight vigil at civic center park to honor ose who died so tragically. in oakland a church service brought a grieving community together. >> a mass in the downtown cathral. prayer for six lives lost. >> we implore our heavenly father to shower his love and mercy on the deceased. >> most of the victims were from ireland visiting the bay areaor the summer. during a birthday party in berkeley this week the balcony th were standing on collapsed. families of the deceased arrived at sfo from dublin
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late wednesday. he says th had one request. >> they want to see their loved ones. they want to touch them. they want to hold them. >> father aidan has been offering grief counseling to those touched by the tragedy. >> it is overwhming. alyou do as parents is hold them and they are in a ste of shock. >> many here are irish americans, now grieving with eir home country. >> our population is four million peop. everybody knows somebody who has been ouch ited directly by this. been touched directly by in. by this. >>thers want answers. >> i hope they look into how this happened and there is some financial recompense for those suffering. >> the answers may come later but for now, a time to mourn. cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> we learned the construction company that built the balcony
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has paid more than $6 million to settle lawsuit over claims of rotting balconies. dan noyes discovered tha segue construction settled two lawsuits involving projects in millbrae and san jose in response to tueay's collapse a spokesman says segue construction has built more than 6,000 apartment units and never had an incidt like this in its history. a number of experts believe the balcony in berkeley was not water proofed properly. >> i suspect water got under door and into the wood. >> ts is an administration of how crowded itas if all 13 victims were on it at one time. it is under th weight load required. >> our coverage continues on-line with updates on twitter and abc7 news bay area. search abc7 news and >> we will turn our attention to the golden state warriors. back home theba trophy in hand. when their charter flight
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landed in oakland fans were there to welcome them back home. alan wang is live in san leandro where everything warriors is flying off the shelves. >> yeah dan, and the demand fo warriors gear out here has been relentless. folks at the sports authority say they are exhausted and excited at the same time. a lot like the wriors players when they walked off the plane today. the warri usa rived on a -- arriveon a few winks of sleep and a little left over adrenaline. >> i can't wait for the parade. itill be so much n. we will have a food time celebrating. >> fans waited outside the gate to catch a glimpse of players like klay thompson who ived to them on his way
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home. >> the hysteria has the gear flying off the shves and the te store at oracle arena has been trying to keep up. >> they trucked it in about midnight. we had a pick up at 4:00 in the morning. we will sell thugh all of our locker room caps. >> the sports authority store ld more than 3,000 caps and t-shirts. customers waited as long as two hours, but not everyone t what they wanted. >> they don't have their hats. they are coming back for their ts. >> the love has been over flowinduring the championship series. jennifer couldn't see the customer go home witut a cap. she gave up one of hers at the cash register. alan wang, abc7 news. >> the warriors victory parade goes from 11th and broadway to the kaiser convention center where there will be a big rally. hundreds of barricades were dropped off this morning and some will block off traffic and the rest will keep the
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thousands of fans at bay. residents can' wait for oakland to get its time to shine. >> people are most focused on e bad news they always get. to see something that is beautiful ad green oakland is the brooklyn of the west coast. >> the parking rtrictions begin tomorrow at 8:00 in the evening and run until friday at 6:00 p.m. >> you can count on abc7 news to bring us the best parade coverage. we will have cameras and the reporters stationed all along the parade route. we have you covered and be will be streaming it live on >> a piece o u.s. currency is getting a fa-lift. they announced alex -- alexzander hamilton needs t make room for a woman on the $10 bill. hi katie. >> hi, ama the question is which woman or women will it be? people in palo alto are ready for the change and ready to
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get involved. >> move over alexzander hamilton. >> it is funny we are only thinng about it w, but it is a great idea. >> it comes from jack lou. it will be the first time in more than 100 yearshat a woman will appear paper u.s. currency. >> it has been a longtime that it should have happened. women have contributed so much to america. >> for you history buffs martha washington appeared on the dollar silver ctificate and polka -- pokahantas was on is a dollar bill. >> for julia ball it has been a laughable lapse in history. >> long, long, long overdue. let'save a woman president too. >> maybe in the hundred would better. >> they will enterirculation
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in020. abc7 news. >> youcan weigh in on who should be the new female face of the $10 bill. >> ama daetz. >> that's not happening. >>se the # the new 10 or go to our website vote for ama. >> next on abc7 news there is a peeper on th prowl. the disturbing prowl that has people on alert. >> that and michael finney takes you the world of sneaker heads. what they are willing to do r designer basketball shoes. >> and can't stop wouldn't -- can't stop, won't stop. the girl wh is not phased by her dad's death defying trick. >> got to the 90s and now tracking cooler air for thursday.
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>> covering novato oakland, sunnyvale and all of the bay area, this is abc7 fuse. >>alo alto police are on the lookout of a peeping tom who took a picture of a woman showering in her home. he took the picture in an open window. in a busy area it is hard to know who is watching. >> it is now becoming the warm, summer months. people keep their windows open. yes you need to lock your doors of. >> the woman only saw the cell phone and not the person who actually took the ck tour. police in palo alto are looking for somebody who broke in and stole dozens of bottles of medication. he smashed the front door of the maxi mart pharmacy just after 3:30 a.m. witnesses say the man took off
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running tord park boulevard. a similar burglary occurred at the same pharmacy in april. >> some people are willing to spend big bucks on workout gear and it starts with the shoes. >> michael tn knee takes you -- finney takesyou into theorld of sneaker head. >> these are theneakers he has bought in one year's time. the oakland man has compiled quite a collection. >> i am obsessed with my basketball shoes. >> ask nicholas and he will easily identify each and every shoe by name. >> there is oneine of shoes he is missing and that's a shoe from under armor named after e warriors' mvp. e latest edition is the curry 1mvp which came out just this past weekend. lebron jamesnveiled his new shoe to rival nike this
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weekends. under armor is now in the game because of steph. >> they are competing with nike. >> it is one of a handful in the bay area whh buys and sells rare athletic shoes on consignment. >> it feels great. >> getting limited edition shoes takes patience. he monitors the release day calendars of nike, under armor and footlocker t name just three. and he follows each company on social media where he will find instructions on how to get the shoes. nicholas sniffs hi shoe like a connoisseur may sniff wine before siping. being a sneaker head is big business this shoe is a replica of one michael fox wore in back to
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the future. it sold for less than $2,000 when it came out in 2011. today it sells for$6,000 at connect consignment. dennis encourages his customers to find shoes from a seller or on a reputable website to save money. nicholas' favorite site is kick-sophy. if they don't have it, you can add your shoe to the wish list. >> if somebody comes in with that shoe they are looking for we buy them. >> he tells anyone buying on-line to be are of fakes. fakes often use materials of lesser quality. and the color sches are slightly off. >> this yellowing you should see it. >> doing your researc can be joyable and profitable. >> michael finney, seven on
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your side. > warriors coach gav steve k -- got a call. the president knows and recognizes the team's perrer is veern he says he looks forward to welcoming the team to the white house to cebrate their championship. >> and we look forward to the parade on friday. >> we do. and we want to know that the weather is perfect and drew is here tracking th forecast. >> dan the weather will holdup nicely on friday. live doppler hd giving the all clear. our camera showing the financial direct. the forecastalls for fog. over the next couple days we call it a mild to cool afternoon. out there right now it is comfortably in the 60s. 64 in concord and 61 in san
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ramon. san jose ccking in with a temperature of 60 degrees. the live doppler 7hd showing you the set up. the high pressure is right off the coast and low pressure to the east of us. winds go from high to low presre. that means for us we have a steady on shore flow. that means a cooler breeze working into the bay area. take oakland. starting tomorw the temperatures dip a little below average to 68 degrees. then we bump it up and then the temperatures are in the 60s and lower 70s. we have big news to sell brit. to celebrate. a lo of clouds and by mday the sun breaks out and the temperatures respond. 66 by noon and then it is sunny and mild with a temperature of 70 degrees. of course you can seehe parade on abc7. we will see a mix tour of stars and clouds. upper 40s to mid50s. then highs for your thursday. lots of sunshine after a few
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early morninclouds. 60 thine the high in oakland and 63 in downtown san francisco. 77 san jose and santa rosa up to 82 degrees. here is your seven-day forecast. it is a little warmer on saturday and father's day on sunday and the start of summer looking nice. you notice the temperature is drfor j j
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>> that is one contagious laugh. this daredevil is starting young. the canadian pilot took his 4-year-old daughter leah up in the plane over the weekend. you can see how much he loves rolls and loo. he says he takes little leah when ever he can. this time sh wanted to
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experience acrobatics. the response is adorable. >>he is having fun. at's neat. let's talk about fun. parade parade parade. the giants are trying to win another one. what a match up on the mound. madison bumgarner is facing off with the kingin seattle and both were throwing smoke. sports is next. >> when it happens where you live -- >> the nba champions the golden state warriors. >> the abc7 news team covers your neighborhood. >> in sunnyvale. >> in san francisco. >> at oakland city hall. >> at stana row. >> 7 on your side got them into the game. >> yr everything. >> choose the news that matters where you live. choose the team that works for you. >> the dub nion is
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good evening. with basketball season now over we turn our full atteion to baseball. we had a gem tonight. two of the best pitchers squaring off. madison bumgarner. the ants are in seattle. the mariner fans to king felix. he is trading wi the ace. slider in the dt gets him on a check swing. bumgarner with nine k's in eight innings. in the fourth and smoke for buster posey. the king's court is rising to their feet. felix goes eight. score less into the 6. austin jackson to center. pagan took his eye off the ball for a moment and that allowed zanino trying to score from first base. he throws up a line and ster posey with a tag and just missed him.
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base hit down the right field line. that's i the only run in the game. seattle wins it 2-0. the a's and padres. using the cup to catch a foul ball and there it goes. she said i didn't get it. i'm spiking the beer. that's a lot of good beer going to waste. chavez getting the least amount of run support in the league until tonight. butler four for five. shaw -- chavez cruising. they put a seven on the board and win big 16-2. not only did the warrior win the nba title but theay the team is built they may have more parades in the near future. he is the only part of the nucleus that is not part of the next season. he is a restricted free agent meaning he can match any offer sees. he will get a substantial bump
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in pay and he wants to stay right here. >> i expect to be bck here. i need to be better. i knew everyone wasn't doing their bt as well. i to call myself o first. >> i'm all for that. >> oakland's own andre ward returns to the ring after a 19-month absence. the undefeated ward will face paul smith on saturday night at oracle arena. andre can't wait to get back in the ring. >> i am ready for the fight on saturday night. i am back and doing it in oaand, california. >> it has been a longtime since we have seen andre ward in the ring. he has had a couple of shoulder injuries and a contract dispute with his promoter. >> abc7 news continues on-line, twitter, facebook and
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all of your mile devices with your abcnews app. our next newscast is at okay, what is this? it's chewy. really i. wooh. that's intense! it just hits you. its gum. no. it's totally a mint! it's disappeang as i am chewing it. where did it go? it


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